The Nakamoto Portfolio

The Nakamoto Portfolio gets a show, The Nakamoto Portfolio Gauntlet… The Nakamoto Portfolio site is a powerful tool to show how even allocating a small percentage of your investment portfolio into Bitcoin can be enormously beneficial. Here is the Nakamoto Portfolio for your enjoyment: In a related project, the first episode of the Nakamoto … Read more

Bitcoin is $0.0003 on July 24, 2023!

Bitcoin is $0.0003 on July 24, 2023!… Yes! Bitcoin can be yours for as low as $0.003! That’s because the smallest unit bitcoin is 100 millionth of a full bitcoin. These tiniest units are called satoshis in honor of Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto. You don’t need to save up until you can buy a full … Read more

The Institutional Investors Are Coming For Your Bitcoin!

The Institutional Investors Are Coming For Your Bitcoin!… The big institutional investors are coming for everyone’s bitcoin! “The deniers are pretty much silenced. Bloomberg, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, CNBC, Congress, the SEC, the CFTC, the (US) Treasury, all the central banks of the world…they all kind of acknowledge it’s (Bitcoin) not tulip bulbs. … Read more

Saylor: Bitcoin Becoming Dominant

Saylor: Bitcoin Becoming Dominant… Billionaire Michael Saylor appeared on Bloomberg Television. He discusses how regulators have no love for Bitcoin or crypto. The difference is they can’t stop Bitcoin but they are already stopping all other crypto. As confusion between Bitcoin and all other crypto fades, more big institutions will jump in on Bitcoin.