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I’m an optimist…but doesn’t the world seem a bit broken? Something just isn’t right. Our current money system is behind much of what is broken.

I see Bitcoin as a way of fixing this money system.

The more people that get started with Bitcoin, the faster the world will move to a better system. A transparent, honest, and constructive money system with Bitcoin as the foundation.

Bitcoin’s the most important project I can be a part of. 


My varied life experiences and intense curiosity have led me to my ideal career, a Bitcoin Advisor.

In the late 1990s, my curiosity about history and money led me to the eye-opening book The Creature from Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin.
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It shows how the citizens of the USA gave away the power to print and control their money to private banks with the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. The Federal Reserve was a Trojan Horse made to look like the US Government controlling badly run banks. But it was the banks getting control of printing money and thus controlling the US Government.

My mission to find a solution to this Federal Reserve system began. Gold and silver as hard money might solve the problem of fiat money printed out of thin air. Sadly, gold and silver have major handicaps including paper derivative price manipulation (a subject for another time).

Thankfully, in 2009 a new Trojan Horse arrived as a force for freedom to that other horse from 1913! It was Bitcoin. But it took me until 2020 to get “orange-pilled” by a financial mentor to take Bitcoin seriously. The more I studied it, the more it amazed me. I now saw it as the one viable escape hatch from the failings of the fiat Federal Reserve system.

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I live in Milpitas, nestled on the edge of Silicon Valley along the Diablo Hills in sunny California.

Some of my other interests: Consciousness, Hiking, History, Geography, Investing, IT, Marine Biology, Museums, Music (Alt Rock, Classic Rock, Film Scores), Science Fiction and Fantasy, Space Exploration, Sports (especially Soccer), Travel, and Video Games.

I especially enjoy reading science-fiction, fantasy, history, and self-improvement books. The Ringworld books, The Iliad, and The Odyssey are some of my favorites.

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