Bitcoin Curious???
Wondering that "Something is wrong with the world..."?

Let me help be a guide to the wondrous world of Bitcoin and how it can help fix the world for you, your family, and all of Earth!

I'm Charles Polanski, aka Chuck Ski, The Gen-X Bitcoiner. Bitcoin isn't just for Millennials and Zoomers!

One wonderful thing about the Bitcoin Network is it gets more valuable and secure as more people and computing power gets involved.

Bitcoin can be intimidating to newcomers even though things are getting better all the time. My mission is to find ways to make it faster and easier and safer for new people to discover, acquire, and use Bitcoin.

I want to help with the questions most have when looking into Bitcoin:

What is Bitcoin? (and bitcoin...lower case is the currency; upper case is the network)

Why Bitcoin?

How do I buy bitcoin?

How do I safely store my bitcoin?

How can I use my bitcoin?

So, let's stay connected!
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